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This new 38th Edition contains 2,512 pages of accurate information and up-to-date values for modern firearms and many major trademark antiques. With over 1.7 million books in circulation worldwide, the Blue Book of Gun Values once again provides more firearms information and pricing, including all the new makes/models for 2017. The firearms industry standard and “Bible” for over 30 years!

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The Blue Book of Gun Values 38th Edition

The Blue Book of Gun Values 38th Edition

The firearms industry standard is back with an all new 38th Edition Blue Book of Gun Values! This edition has been updated with current market trends, values, and 2017 makes and models.

With 2,512 pages covering 1,500+ manufacturers, nearly 30,000 gun model descriptions, and over 180,000 prices, this book contains more information, values, and history than any other guide on the market, by far!

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Product Spotlight:

Airguns 12th Edition

12th Edition Blue Book of Airguns

The 12th Edition Blue Book of Airguns is the only comprehensive reference and value guide on airguns available. This book will be expanded and will cover both older and modern airguns with history and values. Benjamin, Crosman, Daisy, Dianawerk, Feinwerkbau, RWS, and many other manufacturers as well as 2016 makes and models are included.

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9th Edition Blue Book of Modern Black Powder Arms

9th Edition Blue Book of Modern Black Powder Arms

The 9th Edition Blue Book of Modern Black Powder Arms is the only value guide completely devoted to modern black powder arms manufactured after 1958. This edition is expanded to over 300 pages with detailed descriptions, pricing, and images. It covers today’s modern inline hunters, most 2016 models, and the most popular reproductions and replicas including CVA, Cimarron, Colt, Knight’s, Navy Arms, Pedersoli, Remington, and Uberti.

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