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Previous manufacturer located at 715-727 North Kedzie St., Chicago, IL circa 1925-1958. The company name is an acronym of the founders' names: Gus Adler, Jack Bechtol, and Walter Tratsch. ABT was a producer of carnival and shooting gallery BB pistols, BB rifles, and supplies. Developed Air-O-Matic airgun design, patented April 19, 1932, pat. no. 1854605 and Oct. 6, 1942,  pat. no. 2297947. Other patents to 1949. Most of the known ABT guns are pistols which were captive mounted in highly decorated wooden boxes serving as miniature, coin-operated firing ranges. These were used for entertainment and as covert/rigged games of chance. These game guns were manufactured from 1925 to about 1958. There are no production records from about 1941 to 1946 due to WWII. The shooting box part of the company’s history is detailed at www.crowriver.com/abt.htm.
It is not clear when hose-fed compressed air ABT airguns were made, but the patents run from 1932 through 1949. ABT apparently applied for Arrow-Matic as a trademark, and so marked at least some guns, but were granted the Air-O-Matic trademark for semi-automatic airguns that are fed from a patented, pre-loaded filler tube of BBs that was inserted into a unique rear or top-feeding loading chute when the gun was opened by pulling back the top of the receiver or a side bolt. At least three versions of shoulder-fired, hose-fed pneumatic rifles and one similar pistol are known. Also known is a sliding pump action rifle, unmarked, but with exactly the same unusual, complex, loading chute.
Virtually all ABT specimens are well worn from hard shooting gallery use, but are very durable due to their rugged, excellent construction. Carnival airguns are now becoming more popular with airgun collectors, and values can be expected to rise accordingly.

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