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Previous manufacturer of BB guns in Chicago, IL. This company purchased other BB gun makers and produced BB guns under American, Sterling, Upton, and Wyandotte trademarks. The authors and publisher wish to thank Dennis Baker and John Groenewold for their valuable assistance with the following information in this section of the Blue Book of Airguns. Most guns by American Tool Works were typical SP, LA, BB rifles of rather plain appearance, except for the big 1000-shot repeaters with an octagonal barrel tube, walnut stock, and bright nickel plating. The factory tools, fixtures, and equipment went from buyer to buyer and finally ended up with Markham-King in 1929. Markham-King, which had been acquired by Daisy in 1916, destroyed American Tool Works' assets by dumping them in the Detroit River. Guns were made circa 1891-1928 (see Dunathan, 1971). Additional research is underway on this complex group. Information given here must be considered as tentative. Information and illustrations from other collectors is solicited at

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