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Previous manufacturer located in Ilion, NY circa 1886-1906. The Atlas Gun Company of Ilion, New York is another of the links between key parts of the world airgun developmental picture. It was founded in 1886 by George P. Gunn of the Haviland & Gunn Company whose designs were the foundation of most modern production airguns. The Atlas company was then acquired by Daisy in 1906 as part of their aggressive program to eliminate competition.
The first Atlas gun was the 1886 model, a break-open BB gun using an unusual gravity repeater mechanism incorporating three iron rods as a BB raceway. Gunn was granted a patent for the design in 1895. TheĀ last of theĀ Atlas BB guns have peculiar ring lever cocking arms which extend forward instead of back from the trigger and have a finger ring instead of the traditional loop. These guns typically have the name "ATLAS" cast into the frame, which also has a special shape. The combinations of these features are so distinctive that these models may be identified from quite far away. The Dandy BB gun that appeared in the 1897 Sears mail order catalog had these distinctive features, but is without the Atlas marking. It almost surely was produced by Atlas.

From Blue Book Publications:

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