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Previous manufacturer, Aktiebolaget Bahco (AB Bahco), has roots dating back to 1862 as a metal working business in Stockholm and Enköping, Sweden. Due to a strange font used in the stamping of the name, BAHCO appears to read as "BAMCO" and is so listed in many places. Bahco was a brand name of Aktiebolaget Bahco (AB Bahco).
This Swedish firm has roots dating back to the founding of a steel works in 1862 by Göran Fredrik Göransson, and developed exceptional quality saws under the same Fish & Hook brand which their tools bear today. Their most famous products, based on 118 patents granted to Johan Johansson from 1888 to 1943, are the adjustable spanner wrench (Crescent wrench) and adjustable pipe wrench (monkey wrench). They have produced over 100 million examples of those world famous tools. According to Walter (2001) they also formerly specialized in bayonets and military equipment and produced gas-powered rifles under the Excellent brand from 1906 to 1915 with the patents of Ewerlöf and Blómen. Today the Bahco name can be found on garden and other tools in almost any large hardware or warehouse store, but no longer on airguns.
The Bahco Model No 1S air rifle is very similar to the Excellent BS air rifle. (See Excellent in the "E" section.)

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