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Previous manufacturer located in Boston, MA circa 1880s. Former gunmaking partnership of Augustus Bedford and George A. Walker located in Boston, MA. Manufactured the Eureka air pistol based on the Quackenbush push-barrel design with a loading bolt patented by Walker in 1876. Production started in Bedford's Eureka Manufacturing Co. circa 1876, then went to the Pope Brothers & Company plant, and finally transferred to the H.M. Quackenbush plant from the 1880s until 1893. Quackenbush featured the pistol in his catalogs and listed a sale of seventy-four Eureka air pistols in 1886. (Bedford worked in the Quackenbush factory for several years and he, Pope, Walker, and Quackenbush were close associates -- so there is a good deal of overlap and confusion about the origin, production, and sales of their designs). Last sales occurred circa 1893.

From Blue Book Publications:

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