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Previous trademark manufactured by Bull´s Eye Pistol Co. located in Rawlins, WY circa 1928-1960s. The Bulls Eye catapult air pistol was powered by elastic bands. An ingenious arrangement of a three-point traveling shot carrier produces fly-killing accuracy which has endeared these guns even to hard-core match shooters. ADD to refs: C.R. Suydam (1990) Amer. Soc. Arms Collectors 62: Spring. The Sharpshooter was introduced as a smaller version of the Bulls Eye circa 1938. The production of these models was moved to La Jolla, CA circa 1948, and the company name was changed to BullĀ“s Eye Mfg. Co. Research is ongoing with this trademark, and more information will be included both online and in future editions. Average original condition specimens of most common Bulls Eye and Sharpshooter Models are typically priced in the $50-$100 range for unboxed models with short body, grip plates, and conventional-looking trigger guard. Early versions with a long body, sheet metal grip, and very thin trigger (which looks like a trigger guard) in original box sell in the $150-$200 range. Ref: AR 1 : 52-54, AR 2 : 54-57, AR4 : 31-39.

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