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Previous trademark of airguns previously manufactured by G.G. Bussey and Company located in London, England from 1870 to about 1914. Based on a 1876 patent awarded to George Gibson Bussey for a simple airgun. The appearance is suggestive of a Quackenbush Model 1 air rifle, but there is almost no similarity in construction. Unusual spring piston action required removal of the barrel for cocking. An accessory plunger was inserted in the open action and used to push the piston backward until engaged by the sear. A pellet or dart was then placed in the breech and the barrel reinserted for firing. Extremely few specimens are known; one measured 29 in. long with a .21 caliber 9.5 in. smoothbore barrel. Research is ongoing with this trademark, and more information may be included both online and in future editions. Scarcity precludes accurate pricing at this time.

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