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Previous trademark manufactured by Jeff Caselman, located in Cameron, MO circa 1990 to 1994. Only one or two .308 cal. and one .45 cal. were made. Five or six specimens of the 9mm variety are known. The Caselman airguns are fully automatic and are fed from a 3000 PSI bottle which serves as the buttstock. It is perhaps the first successful self-contained, fully automatic airgun. The 9mm guns have a .356 in. bore, and fire from a twenty-six-round vertical spring-fed magazine. Bullets are 122 grain flat point, soft lead, fired dry at about 750 FPS, and about 150 ft./lb. ME. Rate of fire about 600 RPM. The .45 cal. gun fires twenty rounds of 225 grain flat soft lead bullets at a somewhat higher rate of fire. Ad claims: Will saw off a 2x4 at 25 yards! The maker also sold plans and a video for a .30 cal. version. Caution: some units may have been built from plans by workers less skilled than this designer/maker. The authors and publisher wish to thank John Caruth for his valuable assistance with the following information in this edition of the Blue Book of Airguns. Ref. Behling (2006).

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