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Previous trademark manufactured by Cogswell & Harrison (Gunmakers) Ltd., located in London, England. Manufactured in Feltham, Middlesex, England. Cogswell & Harrison is one of EnglandĀ“s oldest and most prestigious gunmaking firms. Founded in 1770 by Benjamin Cogswell, the firm was very highly regarded for dueling pistols and military sidearms for officers. Edgar Harrison was granted British patent 330105 for an airgun in June 1930. Pistols relating to this patent were produced only in late 1929 and into 1930.
The Certus is a solid, barrel cocking, spring-piston air pistol with just a superficial resemblance to a Webley air pistol with its barrel running the length of the gun above the compression tube. The Certus has a quite complex mechanism with the barrel pivoting at the rear for cocking, opposite to the Webley front pivot. A 1929 factory catalog indicates both the standard air pistol and the long barrel target version with removable shoulder stock, available in .177 cal. only and rifled. It was all blued finish, except for select walnut grips. Three specimens were reported as known in an August 2002 Airgun World article by Tim Saunders, but a very few more do exist. Current retail value in the $2,500-$3,500 range depending on condition and whether original box or case is included. Add 25% for long barrel target version or original shoulder stock. Subtract 10% if missing rear sight. Ref. Griffiths (2008).

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