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Previous trademark of Decker Manufacturing Company located in Detroit, Michigan from about 1898 to 1991. Decker Manufacturing Company formerly produced sheet metal BB guns. Decker produced some cast iron guns under the Decker name around 1898. Charles Decker and his brother, Frederick Decker, and associate Frank Trowbridge, formed the Hexagon Air Rifle Company which produced the Hexagon air rifles about 1900-1901. These BB guns featured a hexagon shaped barrel cover and an unusual BB reservoir (not properly called a magazine) in the buttstock. Despite a cast iron grip, the Hexagon rifles did not stand up and are rarely found. Prices of the Hexagon airguns now may run from about $300 to over $1,000 depending on model and condition. Additional details about the guns and their values are subject to further study and information for future editions of the Blue Book of Airguns. Ref. Dunathan (1957).

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