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Previous trademark manufactured by Moritz & Gerstenberger located in Zella-Mehlis, Thüringen, Germany circa 1922-1940, for airguns, starting pistols, blank-firing guns, and flare pistols. Re-established as Gerstensberger & Eberwein located in Gerstetten-Gussenstadt, Germany about 1950. Company seems to have vanished circa 1997. Moritz & Gerstenberger apparently produced products for the German military program during WWII under the code "ghk". Now known mainly for rather low grade airpistols, teargas and blank-firing pistols; some of their pre-WWII products, such as the very interesting top-lever Zenit air pistol (SP) were quite good. Among their older products is a BBC, SP pistol, without model markings, which is very similar to a pre-WWII Diana Model 5 (probably an early version of the EmGe LP3A). Ref: AR2: 16-20.

From Blue Book Publications:

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