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Previous manufacturer, AB Vapenfabriken Exellent of Stockholm, Sweden was formed by A.L. Blomen, P.S. Everlöf and G.S. Appequist in the early 1900s. The authors and publisher wish to thank several Swedish collectors for providing the following information that was organized by Mr. Ingvar Alm. The patent on their first pneumatic rifle was granted circa 1904 and their patent on the CO2 rifle was granted circa 1908. In 1941 AB Vapenfabriken Exellent was acquired by Adolf M. Arnnheim (name changed to Excellent Geväret AB) and was sold in 1963 to Peter Odendfeldt. Manufacturing ended circa 1970 after approximately 38,000 total rifles and 8,700 pistols were produced. Some dates and production numbers are difficult to establish due to the lack of surviving historical data, and in these cases they have been approximated. Approximate pistol production 1946-1959 was 8,700, approximate rifle production was as follows; 1905-1943 - 8,000 rifles, 1943-1945 - 5,000 rifles, 1945-1970 - 25,000 rifles.
Note: Roman numeral markings were started after 1941 and lasted until the end of production. Additional research is underway concerning this group, and any updates will be available through online subscriptions and in future editions.

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