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Previous manufacturer of arcade and military training air machine guns. Founded by Chas. Feltman in Coney Island, NY in 1939. Sold to Wm. Meinch in early 1960s - for a short time Meinch added his name to the Feltman nameplates. Moved to Scotch Pines, NJ in 1978 and then to Center Moriches, N.Y. in 1986. Sold to Vintage Pneumatics in Sheboygan, WI in 1994 and then to Air Force Airguns in Fort Worth, Texas in 2003, where the last 50 Vintage Starfire guns were sold. Fred Andreae Jr., former factory head of Feltmans, opened Shooting Star Inc. in NJ in 1986 to make high quality near-clones of the original Feltman Tommyguns (NOT available to collectors) under the Shooting Star brand and to repair the originals. Ref. Behling (2006).

From Blue Book Publications:

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