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Previous trade name of airguns manufactured in succession, by Rivolier & Fils and Sociéte d´Stephanoise d´Armes, and Manufacture Française d´Armes et Cycles located in St. Étienne, France. Paul Giffard (1837-1897) was the designer of pump pneumatic and CO2 air rifles and pistols. Giffard´s 1862 patent for a pump pneumatic with an in-line pump built under the barrel is often credited with being the basis of virtually all pump pneumatics of the present time. The basic design quickly appeared (1869) in far-off America as Hawley´s Kalamazoo air pistol.
The first production CO2 guns were patented by Giffard in 1873. Giffard, and many military experts of the time, predicted that the CO2 guns would produce a major revolution in warfare; perhaps even lead to an end of warfare! Very small quantities of a hammerless CO2 rifle were made by International Giffard Gun Company Ltd. in London. Giffard also patented (1872) and produced an air cartridge rifle which is similar to the Saxby-Palmer air cartridge system introduced in England in the 1980s.

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