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Current trade name of T.J. Harrington & Sons Ltd. of Walton, Surrey, England. About one million spring-piston, push-barrel airguns (based on the 1877 H.M. Quackenbush patent) mfg. from 1937 to 1940 and 1947 to 2000. Sold to Marksman Products of Huntington Beach, CA circa 2000 with production continuing. The GAT is a low cost, mostly cast alloy, pop-out type pistol. This gun enjoyed enormous popularity for decades. In fact, most airgunners outside of the USA probably cut their teeth on a GAT. It was first introduced in 1937, production ceased during the war but recommenced postwar and still carries on. The design of the GAT drew heavily upon an H. M. Quackenbush patent of 1877. All GATs have a smoothbore .177 barrel. Many are also fitted with a muzzle device that enables corks, as well as pellets and darts, to be fired.
The GAT design has undergone few variations; the most significant one would be the addition of a safety catch in 1982, to make the gun acceptable on the U.S. market.
In 1987 a smoothbore long gun version of the GAT was produced and marketed with little success.
The authors and publisher wish to thank Trevor Adams and John Atkins for their valuable assistance with the following information in this section of the Blue Book of Airguns.

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