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Previous manufacturer of firearms and airguns. Founded by Valentin Friedrich Langenhan in Zella Mehlis, Germany in 1842. Moved to adjacent Zella St. Blasii in 1855. About 1900, Langenhan started production of airguns, apparently making huge numbers of them under a wide variety of its own and private labels. The most definitive mark is FLZ (i.e. Friedrich Langenhan in Zella-Mehlis) with the letters in a three-segmented circle. Other labels include Ace, Favorit, and FL. Among the most commonly encountered Langenhan airguns are the militia-style air rifles (commonly imported into England from Germany by Martin Pulverman & Company of London circa 1900) and the rifle-like break-barrel, spring-piston FLZ pistols, made MFG. 1927-1940, 2nd variation (pictured) 1937-1940. Langenhan finally succumbed to competition from Mayer und Grammelspacher, Weihrauch, Haenel, etc.
The FLZ pistols generally sell in the $200 range; more for excellent specimens. (The FLZ air pistols range from about 1.6 to 1.9 lbs, and from about 16.7-18.0 in. OAL). The British Cub, which may have been made by another maker for Langenhan, will have a retail value in the $150 range for very good specimens. Ref: AGNR - Oct. 1985.

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