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Previous manufacturer located in Mandaluyong City, Manila, Philippines 1968-2001. As discussed in the Philippine Airguns section of this guide, the unexpected development of powerful, bulk-fill CO2 guns for hunting primarily was due to one man, president/dictator Ferdinand Edralin Marcos, who declared martial law and outlawed civilian firearms in the Philippines in 1972.
There had been a few airgun makers around before martial law hit, but one soon came to the foreground. That was the shop of Eldyfonso Cardoniga which had opened in 1968 in Mandaluyong City, a part of metropolitan Manila.
Values have yet to be established for many LD airguns, but in the Philippines it is said that excellent specimens sell for about triple their original cost. Good specimens are about double and poor specimens go for about their original cost.
We felt that it was important to chronicle this amazing line of airguns before the information faded away. Having jumped in and made this first listing, we recognized that much of this information needs improvement and augmentation. This must not be considered as a complete nor final list. We actively solicit your positive input at guns@bluebookinc.com.
The authors and the publisher wish to thank Guillermo Sylianteng Jr. and Mandy Cardoniga for their assistance with this section.

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