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Previous manufacturer located in Long Beach, CA and later at 4615 Hampton St., Los Angeles, CA. The MacGlashan Air Machine Gun Company formed July 22, 1939, closed Nov. 12, 1943. They began production in early 1937 with a single shot BB air rifle. During WWII, they produced two models of the now famous air machine gun trainer, used to train gunners in U.S. bombers. In 1945, they returned to making airguns for arcades with a pump action .24 cal rifle. In 1947, they produced a .24 cal. semi-automatic carbine, followed by an improved and lighter version in 1951. MacGlashan Gallery Pistol known only from a magazine ad for concessionaires. Apparently SP (knob at back end of receiver may be a cocking knob) and SS, no trigger guard, 12 in. OAL, 17 oz. For further info contact Ref. Behling (2006).

From Blue Book Publications:

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