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Current manufacturer Productas Mendoza, S.A. located in Xochimilco, Mexico. Currently imported and distributed under the Benjamin and Crosman names by Crosman Corp., located in Bloomfield, NY and by Air Venturi/Pyramyd Air located in Solon, OH (previously located in Warrensville Heights, OH). Previously distributed by Airgun Express, Inc. located in Montezuma, IA, and by Compasseco located in Bardstown, KY. For information on Models RM622 and RM777, see Benjamin Air Rifle Co. in the "B" section. For information on Models RM177, RM277, RM522, RM577, RM677, RM877, and RM 650 BB Scout, see Crosman Corp. in the "C" section.
The Mendoza brand has an exotic history, beginning in 1911 when engineer Rafael Mendoza established the company to develop a unique 7mm two-barrel machine gun and then an improved Mauser-type bolt action rifle. Mendoza produced machine guns and hand grenades, 35 and 37mm field artillery cannons, and field heliographs for General Francisco Villa (Pancho Villa) during the Mexican Revolution. In 1934, the Mendoza 1934 C model rifle/machine gun was selected as standard ordnance for the Mexican Army and Navy.
In the 1950s, Mendoza began production of an interesting variety of BB guns including the Model 50 double barrel BB gun – a gun considerably rarer than the Daisy double barrel BB guns. In 1971, still owned by the family, the Mendoza Company moved from exclusive production of guns to six different product lines, including sophisticated pellet guns such as the RM 2003 with its quick change calibers and dual component safety trigger (RM, in case you hadn’t guessed, stands for Rafael Mendoza).
A wide variety of airguns has been produced by Mendoza. This is a first, preliminary model list. There presently is confusion regarding the designation, specifications, and dates for several models. Additional research is being done on this brand and results will appear in future editions of this guide and on the web. Information is actively solicited from Mendoza collectors. Please contact Blue Book Publications or send inputs to
The authors and publisher of Blue Book of Airguns wish to express their appreciation to Ralph Heize Flamand of the Mendoza Company for his assistance with this section.

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