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Catalog sales/retailer which subcontracted various domestic and international manufacturers to private label various brand names under the Montgomery Ward conglomerate. Montgomery Ward airguns have appeared under various labels and endorsers, including Western Field and others. Most of these models were manufactured through subcontracts with both domestic and international firms. Typically, they were "spec." airguns made to sell at a specific price to undersell the competition. Most of these models were derivatives of existing factory models with less expensive wood and perhaps missing the features found on those models from which they were derived. Please refer to the Store Brand Crossover Section in the back of this book under Montgomery Ward for converting models to the respective manufacturer.
To date, there has been limited interest in collecting Montgomery Ward airguns, regardless of scarcity. Rather than list Montgomery Ward models, a general guideline is that values generally are under those of their "first generation relatives." As a result, prices are ascertained by the shooting value of the airgun, rather than its collector value.

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