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Paint company and previous manufacturer of paintball markers located in Iron Mountain, MI, and founded in 1940. Nelson marketed the first paintball guns (invented by James C. Hale of Daisy, U.S. patent 3,788,298, Jan 29, 1974), and originally marketed to ranchers and foresters for marking cattle and trees. Undoubtedly, one day, a cowboy or ranger was holding a Nelson marking gun when he saw his partner, not too far away, bend over to pick something up. At that moment, the paintball combat game market was born! The first organized paintball game in 1981 used Nelson 007 pistols. The first paintball game gun was the Splatmaster (U.S. patent 4,531,503, Robert G Shepherd, July 30, 1985), also rather collectible, values $25 to $40.
Paintball markers are now a huge specialized field onto themselves and thus will not be covered in this guide except where the models have historical connections with the regular airgun field. Nelson tree markers today are specialized paint spraying devices, but the company continues to produce paintballs.

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