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Current manufacturer located in Lampasas,TX. Founded by Paul Piper, manufacturing started in 1999. Huge variety of air machine guns. Most are high end products designed around rotating barrel Gatling Gun design of the American Civil War - a system adopted for ultra-high rate of fire U.S. military air borne weapons. Most air machine guns run out of ammo very quickly. Piper's designs have projectile capacities from 1200 to 24,000 BBs! Models operate on standard screw-on CO2 bottles, high pressure compressed air (HPA), or 80 to 150 psi pressure from shop-type air compressors. Distributed by Xcaliber Tactical, located in Round Rock, TX. The great, wonderful variety of high and middle cost guns cannot be covered here. See www.xcalibertactical.com and excellent coverage and illustrations in Behling (2006). Research is ongoing with this trademark, and more information will be included both online and in future editions.

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