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Previous manufacturer of iron and wooden BB guns, located in Plymouth, MI from 1888-1894. Daisy was not the first company to produce BB rifles for boys! Markham produced an all-wood BB rifle in 1886, but the Plymouth Air Rifle Company produced the first conventional BB rifle (invented by Clarence Hamilton in 1887) with an iron barrel and wooden stock. (The Daisy all-metal BB rifle was introduced in 1889.) Founded by Cyrus Pinckney and Clarence Hamilton (who founded the Plymouth Iron Windmill Company in 1882 and invented the Daisy BB gun and a line of .22 rimfire rifles for boys). Previous references have confused the history of the Plymouth Air Rifle Company with that of the Decker Air Rifle Company. To clear up the confusion: The Plymouth Air Rifle Company produced the Plymouth, Challenge, Bijou, and Magic airguns. Ref.: Wesley Powers, American Rifleman (Feb. '88) and U.S. Airgun (May/June 1998).

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