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Previous tradename of Pope Brothers located in Boston, MA. At least part-time producers and sellers of a spring piston air pistol invented by H.M. Quackenbush. Patented in 1874, this was not Quackenbush´s first air pistol, as sometimes reported, but it was the basis for the Bedford, Bedford & Walker, Johnson and Bye, and later Quackenbush air pistols and other airguns. Produced from at least 1871. Pope received the rights to the gun in 1874, but abandoned the original Quackenbush design later, allowing Quackenbush to have the patent reissued to him. Quackenbush reported sales of seventy-four Eureka air pistols in 1884. Some of the never-to-be-completely-unraveled features of the relationship of Pope and other makers of this time and place in America are summarized in the Johnson & Bye listing in the "J" section of this guide.

From Blue Book Publications:

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