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Current manufacturer of PCP rifles, located in Derbyshire, United Kingdom. The authors and publisher wish to thank Tim Saunders for his valuable assistance with the following information in this section of the Blue Book of Airguns. Owned and operated by Steve Wilkins, son of the late Joe Wilkins, who manufactured the Predator rifle and had a significant role in developing the modern PCP. High end regulated PCP rifles, mainly FT. Sporting rifles were available as XL series, .22 cal. SS or with nine-shot rotary magazine (XL9) or twenty-five-shot version (XL25) with spring-loaded linear magazine feeding the rotary magazine.
Most production is custom; all typical airgun calibers. Many actions fitted with very high end stocks from Paul Wilson and other custom stockmakers. Finishes include blue, nickel, colored, and camo. These air rifles typically will retail in the $1,500-$2,000 range.

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