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Previous trademark manufactured by Schimel Arms Company located in California circa 1952-1954, and by A.C. Swanson located in Sun Valley, CA, circa 1956-1958. The Schimel was the first of a series of pistols made from the same general design by Orville Schimel. Due to undercapitalization and a number of design flaws in the Schimel, the small company went bankrupt. In 1955, the manufacturing fixtures were acquired by the American Weapons Corporation, headed by Hy Hunter. The unsatisfactory seals were replaced by a one-seal unit and an ingenious eight-shot magazine for .22 cal. lead balls was added. The improved design was marketed as the "American Luger." Stoeger Arms had U.S. ownership of the Luger trademark and quickly forced these "American Lugers" from the market, making them very rare pistols.

From Blue Book Publications:

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