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Previous trademark marketed by Crosman Corp. located in Bloomfield, NY. In 1994 through 1995, after their purchase by Crosman Air Guns, some of the separate lines of the Benjamin and Sheridan airgun companies were merged into one.
The Sheridan Company of Racine, WI was started in 1945 by E.H. Wackerhagen, who teamed up with fellow airgun enthusiast Robert Kraus, who had engineering skills. He stated that their objective was to best the Benjamin Air Rifle Company by producing what they planned would be the best possible pneumatic air rifle. Mr. Kraus related to Robert Beeman that they felt that because Wackerhagen and Kraus would not be too catchy a name for an air rifle, they named the company after Sheridan Street, a road in Racine which they traversed almost daily as they went between their respective garages during the development of the new gun. Their first model, the Model A, was produced in March 1947. The first paid advertisements evidently appeared about 1948. The perfection of the Model A required a retail price of $56.50 in 1948. Sales were very poor. A less expensive model, the Model B, introduced in October 1948 at a retail price of $42.50, was even less successful. Good sales did not begin until after the introduction of the Model C, which sold for $23.95 in 1949.
See the introduction to the Benjamin section for information on manufacturing locations and the names under which these guns have been marketed in the 1990s.
All Sheridan air rifles and pistols are single shot, bolt action, breech-loading, and .20 (5mm) caliber. Muzzle velocity figures are for Sheridan´s standard weight pellets of 14.3 grains.
For more information and current pricing on the Sheridan firearms, please refer to the Blue Book of Gun Values by S.P. Fjestad (also available online).

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