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Previous manufacturer located in Korea. Previously imported and distributed by Airguns of Arizona located in Gilbert, AZ. Previously imported by Pyramyd Air located in Warrensville Heights, OH, and RWS Precision Products located in Closter, NJ, also distributed by ARS located in Pine City, NY. Shin Sung manufactured a wide variety of pre-charged pneumatic airguns, often of great power, usually very large, ranging from the confetti/ribbon-shooting trumpet look-alike, which advertises that "It is real action for your unforgettable moment" up to large bore rifles, such as Career 707, Ultra, Carbine, Tanker Carbine, and Fire 201 for which the maker claims: "It is a real action to chase the fascinated target" or "Become an explorer in the jungle, run for the freedom with your instinct." The guns are very well built and as interesting as the copy. The shiny brass Celebration trumpet model has a current value above $1,200 in excellent condition. Several simple versions without the trumpet's slide and mouthpieces are known. For more information on these airguns, also see ARS in the "A" section, and RWS in the "R" section.

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