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Current manufacturer of scope mounts located in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, UK. Sportsmatch started around the early 1980s by founder John Ford. Sportsmatch is now run by his son, Matthew Ford.
In its day, the GC2 was probably the most coveted rifle a shooter could own; it was akin to owning a Ferrari. Most were sold for use in UK field target competitions, but some were fitted with sporting stocks. The name was derived from 'Gerald Cardew', the famous airgun engineer who designed the GC2 air regulating mechanism. 'GC1' was a testbed for the regulator and not a production rifle. The GC2 was produced in three marks from 1986 to 1993. In all, around 350 guns were produced, some were sold as 'action only' and were married to custom-built stocks from the likes of John Welham. Weight varies accordingly, but these guns have alloy cylinders and are quite light for their size. The two-stage flat blade trigger is fully adjustable. The Lothar Walther barrel was fitted with a fluted muzzle brake to prevent barrel lift on firing. Most were .177 caliber, although any caliber was available. A bullpup version called the Scimitar was available, although only twelve were made.
The GC2 value is in the $1,750 range with basic walnut stock. Add up to 100% for finest quality custom walnut. The Scimitar value is in the $2,100 range.

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