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Probably an illegal trademark previously used by manufacturer of unauthorized copy of the Dianawerk Model 5 air pistol. The most interesting feature is the logo stamped in the top of the receiver – it shows Diana, the Goddess of Hunting, holding her bow and arrow. (Over the curved stamping: T. DIANA). The maker used this classical view of Diana instead of Dianawerk’s humorous and protected trademark which shows Diana holding her air rifle aloft while discarding her bow and arrow. This switch in logos was done either out of ignorance or as a clever attempt to avoid trademark prosecution. Solidly made, blued, two-step barrel, wooden grip with coarse hand checkering. .177 cal., 13.3 in. OAL, BBC, SP, SS. Value of this novel T. Diana airgun collection item estimated to be about $175.

From Blue Book Publications:

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