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Previous tradename of Oskar Will of Zella-Mehlis, Thüringen, Germany, established in 1844. His son, Oskar Will The Younger, was one of the most famous airgun makers in Germany before 1914. Circa 1923, the company was sold to Wilhelm Foss who operated it as Venuswaffenfabrik until 1945. Especially famous for air rifles, with large diameter central compression chambers, which used the extended trigger guard as a cocking lever ("Bügelspanners") . These guns carried on the tradition of the large receiver gallery airguns made in the USA in the mid-1800s. Such trigger guard lever guns (Bügelspanners) continued to be listed in European gun wholesaler catalogs into the 1960s. (See American Gallery Airguns section in the "A" section.) Actual old specimens of Will and Original Will airguns currently retail in the $500-$750 range, while newer copies, marked "Original", or without markings, retail in the $250-$400 range. Crank style air rifles (Kürbelspanners) from the Wills usually retail in the $650-$1,250 range. Crank style pistols retail in the $1,500-$3,500 range.

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