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MODEL 1 Get Pricing

- .177 or .22 cal., SS, BBC, SP, smoothbore or rifled barrel, beech stock, small pistol grip, blue finish, no safety, 38.3 in. OAL, 4.6 lbs. Mfg. 1925-1939. (Listed in 1939 Stoeger Catalog as their Model 3100).

MODEL 1-53 Get Pricing

- .177 cal., SS, BBC, SP, rifled barrel with lock similar to Haenel II and III, beech stock, small pistol grip, manual safety, blue finish, 38.3 in. OAL, 4.6 lbs. Mfg. 1949-1969.


- .177 or .22 cal. pellets, rifled (eight grooves) or smoothbore, SS, BBC, SP, barrel release lever LHS of breech, 43.3 in. OAL, sight radius 17.7 in., 6.6 lbs. Circa 1925 to 1939.

MODEL III-53/III-56/III-60/III-284/3.014 Get Pricing

- .177 or .22 cal. pellets, SS, BBC, SP, five variations of Model III made from 1950 to 1993, 568 FPS (173 MPS) for .177 cal., 400 FPS (122 MPS) for .22 cal., 19 in. barrel with 12-groove rifling, walnut finish beech or laminated stock, open or micrometer sights, 43.3-44.3 in. OAL, 6.8 to 7.7 lbs.

MODEL IV Get Pricing

- .177 or .22 cal. pellet, SS, SP, UL, wood buttstock behind trigger guard (Millita-style), sight radius 17.7 inches, 43.3 in. OAL, 6.6 lbs. Circa 1927-1939.

MODEL IV/M Get Pricing

- .177 cal. pellet, SP, SS, TL, match rifle, characteristic top cocking bolt pivots at rear sight, 43 in. OAL, 6.75 lbs.

MODEL VIII Get Pricing

- .177 or .22 cal. pellets, UL, SP, smoothbore or rifled, wood buttstock behind grip, blued, sight radius 17.3 in., 42.9 in. OAL, 5.7 lbs. Mfg. circa 1925-1939.

MODEL 10 (X) Get Pricing

- .177 cal. smoothbore, SP, SS, BO, slab-sided wood buttstock behind grip area, sheet metal "tinplate construction" (may have been made by Dianawerk; this model is not listed in Dieter’s book), nickel-plated, 1.3 lbs., 31 in. OAL.

MODEL 15 (XV) Get Pricing

- .177 cal., BBC, SP, SS, smoothbore barrel, loaded by removing brass inner barrel from sheet metal barrel shroud, sheet metal/tinplate construction, beech buttstock behind grip area, blued or nickel, 32.5 in. OAL, 2 lbs. 7 oz.

MODEL 20 (XX) Get Pricing

- .177 cal. smoothbore, similar to Model 15, except direct breech loading, thin inner barrel within sheet metal barrel shroud, early versions with round Haenel logo; later with typical Haenel arrow logo, late 1930s rear sight moved from body tube to barrel, nickel or blued finish, 34.5 in. OAL, 3.2 lbs. Mfg. circa mid-1920s-1930s.

MODEL 30 (XXX) Get Pricing

- .177 cal., similar to Model 20, except rifled or smoothbore, full stock with pistol grip and grooved forearm, no buttplate, no safety, 34.5 in. OAL, 3.1 lbs.

MODEL 33/33 JUNIOR Get Pricing

- .174 cal. (4.45mm lead balls), SP, bolt lever cocking, paramilitary-style with bayonet lug and stock slot for sling, detachable spring-fed 8 or 12 (Model 33) or 6 or 12 (Model 33 Junior) round box magazines, Mauser type wing manual safety, 44 in. OAL, 7.5 lbs. (Model 33), 40 in. OAL, 5.3 lbs (Model 33 Junior). Model 33 sling on side of stock. 33 Junior sling on bottom of stock. Ca. 1933-early 1940s.

MODEL 40 Get Pricing

- .177 cal., SP, BBC, SS, similar to Model 30 (XXX), except solid 14.8 in. barrel, pistol grip stock with finger grooved forearm, no buttplate, no safety, 35.5 in. OAL, 3.75 lbs. Mfg. 1930s to 1939.

MODEL 45 Get Pricing

- .177 cal. only, SP, BBC, SS, solid steel rifled or smoothbore barrel, straight grip stock with no forearm, 35 in. OAL, 3.6 lbs. Mfg. 1930s to 1939.

MODEL 49/MODEL 49a Get Pricing

- .174 cal. (4.4mm lead balls), SP, rocking-bolt lever cocking, Sporter version of Model 33, detachable spring-fed six, eight, or 12-shot round ball box magazines, Mauser-type wing manual safety, date stamp on steel buttplate. Model 49 sight radius: 16.2 in., 41.5 in. OAL, Model 49a sight radius: 18.5 in. 41.75 in. OAL, 5.9 lbs. Mfg. circa 1949-1960.

MODEL 85 (KI 1) Get Pricing

- .177 cal. Importation disc. 1993.


- .177 cal., PCP, SS or five-shot repeater using one-round and five-round magazines, Fortner-type action, adj. match trigger, adj. sights, competition stock with adj. cheek piece, 39.4 in. OAL, 9.6 lbs.

MODEL 100/MODEL 510 Get Pricing

- .177 cal., SS, BBC, small pistol grip, blue finish, 38.3 in. OAL, 4.6 lbs. Model 510 mfg. 1989-1991. Model 100 mfg. 1991-1993.

MODEL 110/MODEL 520 Get Pricing

- .177 cal. pellets, Model 110 mfg.1992-1993. Model 520 mfg.1991-1993.

MODEL 300 Get Pricing

- .177 cal., SS, BBC, small pistol grip, blue finish, 38.3 in. OAL, 4.6 lbs. Mfg. 1969-1989.

MODEL 302 Get Pricing

- .177 or .22 cal., SS, BBC, larger version of Model 300, several versions with minor changes. Production began in 1966.

MODEL 303 (KI)/MODEL 303-8 SUPER Get Pricing

- .177 or .22 cal., similar to Model 302 with minor improvements. Production began 1969. Presumably replaced Model 302. USA importation discontinued ca. 1993. Unusual variation: Model 303-8 Super with target stock and aperture sights.

MODEL 304 Get Pricing

- similar to Model 303, except with plastic stock. Mfg. after 1976.

MODEL 308-8 Get Pricing

- .177 cal., SP, SS. Importation disc. 1993.

MODEL 310 (KI 104) Get Pricing

- 4.4mm round lead ball, SP, rocking-bolt lever cocking, sportier version of Model 49/49a, detachable, spring-fed six, eight, or 12-shot round ball box magazines, push pull safety at rear of compression tube, numerous versions differ mainly in sights and stock, fifth version (4.5 [.177] cal.) has horizontal seven-shot drum repeating mechanism mounted horizontally over top of breech. Mfg. 1960-1989.

MODEL 311 (KI 102) Get Pricing

- .177 cal. pellets, SS, SP, top action bolt cocking handle, tap loader, open or aperture sight, 43.75 in. OAL, 7.2 lbs. Mfg. 1964-1992.

MODEL 312 Get Pricing

- .177 cal., SL, SP, multiple spring/rubber buffer recoil-reduction system, tap-loading, 42.5 in. OAL, 10.8 lbs. Mfg. early 1970s-1990s.

MODEL 400/MODEL 570 Get Pricing

- upgrades of Model 310, Model 570 is 1989 model number change for Model 310, Model 400 is 1991 model number change for Model 570, detachable spring-fed six, eight, or 12-round box magazines for 4.4mm round lead balls.

MODEL 410/MODEL 580 Get Pricing

- 4.4mm lead balls, SP, unique lever action repeater, same magazine system as Models 400 and 570, dummy in-line magazine below barrel resembles tubular .22 cal. rimfire magazine.

MODEL 600 Get Pricing

- .177 or .22 cal., SP, SS, SL, match rifle, open or aperture sights, adj. buttplate, 42.13 in. OAL, 8.8 lbs.

MLG 550 (KI 101) Get Pricing

- .177 cal., SP, SS, tap-loading, SS top lever mechanism, 25.6 in. BBL, recoilless match rifle, the MLG (Meisterschafts-Luftgewehr) approx. 500 FPS, match trigger, 42.8 in. OAL, 10.8 lbs. USA importation disc. 1993.

MODEL 800 Get Pricing

- .177 cal., SS, SP, match rifle, characteristic top-cocking bolt pivots at rear sight. Mfg. ca. 1990-1992.

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