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The airgun designs of George Gunn have had enormous impact on the development of modern airguns. Patent number 113766, dated April 18, 1871, registered to Benjamin Haviland and George Gunn, was the basis for not only the Haviland & Gunn barrel-cocking air rifles and the resulting wonderful H.M. Quackenbush Model 5 rifles, but led to the great variety of air rifles known as the Gem airguns in Europe and indeed most of the amazing number and variety of barrel-cocking air rifles and pistols which have been developed since then! Patent number 126954, dated May 21, 1872, also registered to Haviland and Gunn, for an air pistol with the mainspring within the grip, is the basis for another more than century-long parade of airguns, including some early Gaggenau air pistols, the MGR air pistols, the Lincoln air pistols, and even the Walther LP 53 made famous by James Bond!
George P. Gunn was born in Tioga County, PA in 1827. He was a gunsmith in North Ilion, NY. He first marketed an airgun under his own name while working for Remington Arms Company and then another after leaving their employ. These guns, based on his first patents, were marked "G. P. GUNN, ILION, NY, PAT. APR. 18, 1871".

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