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Current manufacturer and distributor located in Rogers, AR established circa 1895.  Previously located in Plymouth, MI 1895-1958.  Dealer and consumer direct sales. Daisy is one of the oldest and largest airgun manufacturers in the world, and for more than a century has produced some of the most coveted air rifles of all time. Vintage Daisy air rifles from the late 1880s can command prices up to $10,000. Daisy is also the maker of the famous Daisy Model 25 and Red Ryder lines. For vast numbers of young boys in rural America from the 1910s to the 1950s, and then in the developing suburbs of 1950 to about 1979, having an adult show you how to use a Daisy Model 25 slide action BB gun or a Red Ryder lever action BB gun was an integral part of growing up.
Until now there simply had been no "master" guide to Daisy airguns. The pioneering work, Dunathan's 1971 book, The American BB Gun, has long been somewhat of a "bible" to American BB gun collectors, but it was only moderately accurate even when it came out. Jim Thomas made a bit of an update of Dunathan's book in 1989, but we finally have a definitive guide to Daisy. We will be integrating data from Gary Garber's 2008 monumental treatise (see Lit. Guide) on the pre-Arkansas models as we verify and collate the immense amount of information there. At this time, this Blue Book can be used for most general Daisy information and as a value supplement to Griffiths' book -- for a level of details that are not appropriate here. In 2001, Neal Punchard, a long-time Daisy collector, published Daisy Air Rifles & BB Guns -The First 100 Years, a wonderfully illustrated general presentation of Daisy products over their first century of production. Finally, An Encyclopedia of Daisy Plymouth Guns (2007) produced by Gary Garber is a tremendous breakthrough concerning Daisy airgun information, at least for the models produced in Plymouth, MI from the late 1880s to 1958. Daisy airguns are a large and complicated collecting group; this preliminary attempt at a model and value listing cannot be complete. Continual input from collectors and researchers will be necessary for greater and greater completeness and accuracy in future editions.
Unless otherwise noted, all Daisy airguns are spring piston designs in BB/.173 cal. The values quoted generally assume working condition. Many buyers will insist on a significant discount for lack of operation. Commemorative Model Warning: Surplus parts remaining after production of various post-1952 commemorative model airguns have found their way into the market. These parts have sometimes been used to construct or "enhance" regular production models. Sometimes the only way to detect such fraudulent specimens is to ask the Daisy company to compare the stamped registration number against their production records. For information on Daisy airguns manufactured for other trademarks, see the Store Brand Cross-Over List at the back of this text.
For more information and current pricing on both new and used Daisy firearms, please refer to the Blue Book of Gun Values by S.P. Fjestad (also available online).

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