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Manufacturer/trademark originally located in Grafton, MA. Ethan Allen started many plants to keep up with expanding business after 1832. Listed below is a chronological order of the firms constituting the family dynasty founded by Ethan Allen.
E. Allen - Grafton, MA 1832-1837
Allen & Thurber - Grafton, MA 1837-1842
Allen & Thurber - Norwich, CT 1842-1847
Allen & Thurber - Worcester, MA 1847-1854
Allen, Thurber, & Co. - Worcester, MA 1854-1856
Allen & Wheelock - Worcester, MA 1856-1865
E. Allen & Co. - Worcester, MA 1865-1871
Forehand & Wadsworth - Worcester, MA 1871-1890
Forehand Arms Co. - Worcester, MA 1890-1902
No other 19th-century American firm produced a wider variety of firearms than did Ethan Allen & subsidiaries. In 1902, the Forehand Arms Co. was sold to Hopkins & Allen.

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