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Current firearms manufacturer with headquarters located in West Hartford, CT. The author and publisher wish to thank Mr. Dennis Russell for his valuable assistance updating the following information in this section of the Blue Book of Modern Black Powder Arms.
Colt´s Manufacturing Company, Inc. is the previous manufacturer of 2nd Generation Colt percussion revolvers located in Hartford, CT. Colt used subcontractors to supply rough castings for the manufacture of these black powder pistols. Throughout the production years 1971-1982, these rough castings were produced in Italy and the reproductions were completed in the United States. Initially, Val Forgett and Navy Arms provided these parts/components during 1971-73. Lou Imperato supplied these parts from 1974 to 1976. In both instances, these revolvers were assembled and finished in Colt´s facilities in Connecticut. Finally, from 1978 to 1982, Colt subcontracted both parts procurement and final production to Lou Imperato and Iver Johnson Arms in Middlesex, NJ. Colt percussion revolvers produced by Iver Johnson had frames, center pins, nipples, and screws manufactured in the United States. In all instances, these revolvers were manufactured in accordance with Colt´s strict specifications and quality control. Additionally, Colt performed final inspection for all models. All percussion models manufactured from 1971 through 1982, either by Colt or its subcontractor, are regarded as authentic Colt pistols and not Italian replicas.
The Colt Custom Shop also produced a limited number of special editions through the early 1990s from 2nd Generation production inventory.
Please refer to Colt Blackpowder Reproductions & ReplicasA Collector´s & Shooter´s Guide for additional color pictures of the 2nd Generation Colt Percussion Revolver makes and models listed below.
For more information and current pricing on both new and used Colt firearms, please refer to the Blue Book of Gun Values by S.P. Fjestad (available online also).

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