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Previous manufacturer and retailer of 3rd Generation Colt blackpowder pistols and muskets located in Brooklyn, NY 1994-2002. The author and publisher wish to thank Mr. Dennis Russell for his valuable assistance updating the following information in this section of the Blue Book of Modern Black Powder Arms.
All 3rd Generation Colt blackpowder models are also referred to as Signature Series Models.
A reprise of the original Colt Blackpowder line, along with historic models not offered in the 2nd Generation, and a new series of Commemoratives, each model (with the exception of the Heirloom Tiffany 1860 Army and 1842 Texas Paterson) bears the Sam Colt signature on the backstrap. These 3rd Generation models were manufactured under an authorized licensing agreement with Colt Firearms by Colt Blackpowder Arms Company – the same company (and many of the same craftsmen) responsible for the 2nd Generation Colt revolvers. Although parts for the Signature Series were cast in Italy, they were fully assembled and hand finished in the United States using the proprietary Colt formulas for bluing and color case hardening.
Colt Blackpowder Arms Company Signature Series revolvers are regarded as authentic Colt pistols. The 3rd Generation models have original Colt markings, including the barrel address and serial number stampings. There are no foreign proof marks on these authentic Colt models.
Please refer to Colt Blackpowder Reproductions & ReplicasA Collector´s & Shooter´s Guide by Dennis Adler for color pictures of the 3rd Generation Colt Blackpowder Arms Co. models listed below.

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