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Current importer and catalog house located in Union City, TN, established in 1954. Consumer direct (store or mail order) and dealer sales. Dixie Gun Works is one of the oldest suppliers of black powder arms and kits (not listed), and offers a complete line of flintlock, percussion lock, and cap and ball revolvers manufactured by F.lli Pietta, Uberti, Pedersoli, Palmetto and Armi Sport, as well as an extensive selection of longarms, bayonets, Civil War uniforms, sabers, military accoutrements, holsters, presentation cases, period camping supplies, and tents.
Please contact Dixie Gun Works, Inc. directly (see Trademark Index) to receive a catalog.
Short descriptions are for models of standard configuration. Also, since 1986, many models are imported from A. Uberti (see Uberti section).

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