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Previous manufacturer located in Gonic, NH until 2006. Dealer and consumer direct sales. Gonic Arms designed a true hunter´s Magnum rifle. Equipped with an ambidextrous safety, it eliminated the noisy "click" often associated with bringing a hammer back from half cock or setting the first of double set triggers. A specially designed firing pin and housing allow spent caps to blow out the bottom of the rifle, thus eliminating the need to "dig out" the spent cap from the breech. This, combined with its modern appearance and loading system design, made it a true hunters' rifle without the problems associated with most black powder arms. Gonic also produced black powder Magnum barrels to fit the Thompson Contender frame, easily converting the T.C. single shot pistol into a black powder model with in-line ignition, and an optional Contender shoulder stock could be included.

From Blue Book Publications:

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