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Current manufacturer of original Hawken rifles and kits, located in Oak Harbor, WA. Dealer or consumer direct sales. The Hawken Shop (owned by the Dayton Traister Company) has purchased the rights and machinery to manufacture the original Hawken Rifle from Arthur Ressel. Mr. Ressel had previously purchased the rights to manufacture these rifles from the heirs of John Gemmer, who purchased S. Hawken Manufacturing directly from Samuel Hawken in 1860. Because of the continual lineage of ownership, these models are considered original Hawken rifles.
Standard Hawken rifle kits start at $1,300. Rifles in new condition (100%) are selling for $2,000+, with the Hawken Commemorative Plains Rifle (1 of 50) selling in excess of $4,000.
The Hawken Shop is a distributor for Lyman, CVA and others. Contact them directly (see Trademark Index) for information.

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