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Previous importer and distributor since 1995 located in San Juan Capistrano, CA. During late 2009, E.M.F. bought the remaining assets of IAR and discontinued any importation under the IAR name. IAR, Inc. (International Antique Reproductions, Inc.) imported and distributed a wide variety of black powder reproductions and replicas, plus a complete lineup of blank firing arms and ammunition, including pistols, revolvers, and rifles.
Black Powder Revolvers Reproductions & Replicas and Black Powder Long Arms & Pistols - Reproductions & Replicas by Dennis Adler are also invaluable sources for most black powder reproductions and replicas, and include hundreds of color images on most popular makes/models, provide manufacturer/trademark histories, and up-to-date information on related items/accessories for black powder shooting - www.bluebookofgunvalues.com.

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