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Current manufacturer and distributor located in Athens, TN beginning 2012 and Centerville, IA since 2009. Previously located in Lancaster, MO (1985-2009). Available through dealers, catalog houses, and consumer direct. On March 15, 2010, PI, Inc., acquired the Knight Rifles brand, intellectual properties and real estate in Centerville, Iowa. For the immediate future, Knight Rifles will be headquartered in Athens, TN, where PI, Inc. is located. Warranty for all rifles except the KP1 and Revolution (I and II) will still be handled in the Knight Rifles warranty center in Centerville, Iowa. The KP1 and Revolutions will be serviced from the Pradco Outdoor Brands Decatur, Alabama, facility. Please visit to handle your Revolution recall or KP1 warranty.
The Knight MK Series is the forerunner of the modern black powder rifle designed as a true hunting/sporting rifle. These black powder rifles feature a straight through Posi-Fire ignition system, double safety, in-line bolt assembly, and Timney deluxe trigger system. Beginning 1997, Knight Rifles used the Knight Disc #209 primer ignition system, which holds the primer in an easily managed plastic disc. Knight's "Full Plastic Jacket" (new 2002) ignition system completely seals the #209 primer against moisture, and beginning 2004, the #209 primer (FPJ) ignition system was incorporated into every muzzleloader Knight Rifles produces. Beginning 2011, all models manufactured by Knight Rifles come standard with Green Mountain barrels, Dyna Tek coatings (a corrosion resistant ceramic based clear coat) inside and out, Easton carbon core ramrod, and a three-shot four inch group at 200 yards guarantee. Knight Rifles is a division of Modern Muzzleloading, Inc., a subsidiary of PI, Inc.

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