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Previous manufacturer and distributor of custom built in-line percussion rifles, located in Maidstone, VT. Previously located in Limington, ME. Millennium Designed Muzzleloaders (MDM), manufactured a complete line of custom-built in-line rifles under the names M2K and Buckwacka. Designed for magnum loads (three 50gr. Pyrodex Pellets), the .50 caliber M2K rifles are bedded in a similar fashion as that of high powered rifles, utilizing two attachment points of stock to receiver. All barrels and receivers were precision machined from ordnance grade 400 series stainless steel. Barrels are rifled with a 1 in 24 in. right hand twist. All barrels feature a recessed crown for muzzle protection. The M2K´s receiver qualifies the rifle as an open breech design, while still allowing maximum protection to the ignition system in harsh, wet, realistic hunting conditions.
All models featured an interlocking safety design, and a fully adj. trigger. M2K models were built for either left or right-hand shooters at no additional charge. Choice of two ignition systems, standard Spitfire nipple for #11 percussion caps, or Spitfire magnum musket nipple which accepts today´s hot musket caps. The Buckwacka is a closed breech, break-open-action design offered in a choice of calibers or a 12 ga. shotgun system. An ambidextrous design, Buckwacka lends itself to either right or left-handed shooters. Features included a multi-safety system with a primary transfer bar safety, and "Incinerating Ignition System" designed to use a #209 shotgun primer, musket caps, or #11 percussion caps.

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