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Previous trademark of manufacturer located in Roosevelt, UT 1997-2000. During 2000 Split Fire Sporting Goods, LLC located in Orem, UT acquired Muzzeleloading Technologies, Inc. During 2001 Split Fire Sporting Goods, LLC changed its name to White Rifles, LLC. For current information and model availability refer to these trademarks. MTI offered two series of in-line muzzleloading rifles: Model 97 Whitetail Hunter, and Model 98 Elite Hunter. Both feature Doc White┬┤s new "MultiSystem Technology." Whitetail Hunter and Elite Hunter are constructed of ordnance-grade stainless steel, and feature a side-cocking action, large recoil absorption block and a two-point stock engagement system to increase accuracy and reduce felt recoil with heavy loads. These rifles are handcrafted and come with either checkered black composite or smooth black laminate stocks with straight comb, slender pistol grip, and English-styled buttstock.

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