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Current manufacturer located in Gardone, Italy. Currently imported by Cabela's, located in Sidney, NE, Cimarron F.A., located in Fredricksburg, TX, E.M.F., located in Santa Ana, CA, Navy Arms located in Union City, WV and Taylor's Company, Inc. located in Winchester, VA. Previously imported by Jeff's Outfitters, located in Cape Girardeau, MO, Flintlocks, Etc. located in Richmond, MA. Current full line distributors include Cherry's Fine Guns, located in Greensboro, NC, Dixie Gun Works, located in Union City, TN, and Flintlocks, Etc. located in Richmond, MA. Davide Pedersoli & C. is a family company, founded in 1957 by Davide Pedersoli (1924-1996). In 1960, it started production of muzzleloading guns, and from 1970-73, several models of O/U shotguns were produced. Flasks became the first accessory in 1973, starting a wide range of accessories for muzzleloading shooting.
In 1975, Davide's son, Dr. Pierangelo Pedersoli, began directing and managing the company together with his brother-in-law, production manager Giovanni Gottardi. Today, the company keeps its family character, by education and training of the younger family members (Stefano Pedersoli, son of Dr. Pierangelo Pedersoli) who will become the third generation of the Pedersoli family to control and operate the company.
Currently the company has 40 people on staff, divided into three departments. Since 1982, the production of stocks, barrels, and small parts has been "in-house," as well as final assembly. Since 1990, the company has undergone a constant technology change, replacing much of the older equipment with modern CNC technology and designs utilizing CAD-CAM systems.
Pedersoli actively sponsors important shooting competitions for muzzleloading, Western target shooting, as well as long distance target shooting competitions with metallic cartridge rifles. Pedersoli's wide range of muzzleloading reproductions and replicas have won all the major international shooting competitions, and continue to capture many gold, silver, and bronze medals annually.
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