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Gun Of The Week by S.P. Fjestad

Gun of the Week image   The Gun of the Week is an exclusive editorial article that highlights a different gun each week. The guns featured represent some of the finest and most desirable collectible firearms available in today’s marketplace as well as many common guns that are encountered on a regular basis by many shooters and collectors. Carefully written captions provide interesting and comprehensive information, and up-to-date values are included for an in-depth article you won’t find anywhere else! Check back each Monday for a new Gun of the Week.
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The King of Bling!
If Liberace was still alive, he’d have to own this gun!

I’m going to keep the text very short on this Gun of the Week, as the images will speak much better than my words. But here’s what you have to remember about this gun:

- The high relief ornamentation that appears to have been welded on the metal surfaces has actually been relief engraved from an oversized barrel and frame. Anybody catch the slight vertical and horizontal lines on the closeup of the frame where the action opens?

- Upon close inspection, the nuggets on the end of the gold veins actually have hundreds of diamonds inlaid into them.

- The forearm tip and pistol grip cap have been relief carved in great detail out of solid chunks of ivory.

- The Swarovski scope was gold plated at the factory, and the scope rings are works of art unto themselves.

I know what you are thinking – how long did it take to complete this gun, and how much does it cost? The work was completed by Scheiring GmbH in Ferlach, Austria, long known for its ultra-high quality long arms. It took the company’s master craftsmen four to five years to finally get it completed.

What’s the asking price? When I was in Scheiring’s booth at the most recent IWA Show in Nürnberg, Germany, the price of a million-plus euros was bantered around. The owner would certainly be guaranteed a one-of-a-kind item, as Scheiring has no plans to build another one!

Images and information courtesy of Scheiring GmbH.


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