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S.P. Fjestad's Lethal Blogging
  S.P. Fjestad is the author of the Blue Book of Gun Values, and has been following the firearms marketplace for nearly 30 years. Fjestad is also the publisher for several other firearms-related titles and he also serves as an editor for many of them. He attends several trade shows each year including the SHOT show, NASGW show, and the Tulsa Arms Show. He also serves on the NRA publication committee and writes “What’s It Worth” in Field & Stream, and “I Have This Old Gun” in the American Rifleman magazines.

In “Lethal Blogging,” Fjestad will report on several firearm-related subjects including news from trade shows, auction results, and other interesting subjects that arise in the gun industry. Check back regularly for information that many people outside of the gun industry might never hear about!
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New! Life in the Finnish Woods - Part 2

The annual FESAC meeting on Friday was a huge success and held in an auditorium on a small military island just off the coast of Finland. The weekend was equally busy with visits to the always busy Helsinki harbor, the Mannerheim Museum (one of Finland's most successful military leaders), and the world-famous Pohjolainen collection. It is a visit that will be remembered by our meeting with the Prime Minister at the Parliament Building, a tour of the Sako/Tikka factory (100,000 rifles manufactured annually), and our invitation to see the world's largest gun collection.

Stephen Petroni, FESAC's (Foundation for European Societies of Arms Collectors) President and me next to one of the many cannon on display on Santahamia, a military island approximately 12 km east of Helsinki. Needless to say, there is a lot of exotic military ordnance on this small island, and all attendees had to get special clearance to attend this location for FESAC's annual meeting. One retired officer commented "We prefer to shoot only three things on this island - rabbits, moose, and Russians!"

FESAC members Dr. Hermann Gerig from Austria (l), Adriano Simoni from Italy, and Jari Makinen who is President of Finland's Suomen Asehistoricallinen Seura ry Tampere and our gracious host during our stay. Note amphibious armored personnel carriers in background ready to roll.

One of Helsinki's oldest and most recognizable landmarks is the Helsingfors Domkyrka (Cathedral of Helsinki) constructed during 1830-1852, and located close to the waterfront.

This is a traditional example of Finnish architecture from the mid-19th century with ornate multi-colored columns.

Finland's Heikki Pohjolainen (middle) with Robert Brooker (fellow American FESAC observer) has accumulated the world's largest gun collection, with over 20,000+ guns (and growing), plus 250 cannon! Massive 2-story building houses everything except the cannon and artillery items. Very few people have been granted access to this overwhelming collection.

A sampling of a few of the WW II shoulder fired anti-tank rifles representing Finland, Germany, and Russia.

Panoramic image of one of the gun isles on the 2nd level. Each isle is approximately 100 feet long and as you can see, is "3 racks" high.

Only a select few people can have this image taken. Our allotted 3 hour visit seemed like 10 minutes, and on the bus ride back to Helsinki, everyone was amazed and in awe of what we had just experienced.

That wraps it up from Finland. Stay tuned for upcoming posts from various industry shows and events. This trip is going to be almost impossible to beat!

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