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Previous trademark of pistols and shotguns manufactured by Ücyildiz Silah Sanayi Tic Ltd. Sti. until 2012, and located in Istanbul, Turkey. In late 2014, the company announced plans to open up a subsidiary in the U.S. (Akdal U.S.A.) that will include manufacturing certain models.
Akdal semi-auto pistols were good quality and came in a variety of configurations, including full size polymer frame 9mm cal., as well as chrome and satin finishes, and two different .25 ACP pocket pistols. Akdal also offered slide action and semi-auto shotguns, mostly in 12 ga.
Ücyildiz Silah Sanayi Tic Ltd. Sti. manufactured firearms under a variety of trademarks, including Blow, Akdal, and Voltran.

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