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Previous rifle manufacturer located in Arlington, WA, 1994-2001.
In addition to making a series of accurate rifles built on their own Apollo action, Arnold Arms Co. also built rifles on Remington, Ruger, Sako, or Winchester actions. All Arnold Arms rifles had a written guarantee on accuracy (1/2 in. group or less at 100 yards with handloads), and a 5-year limited warranty. Any Arnold Arms warranty is now void. The company also made proprietary cartridges in 6mm Arnold, .257 Arnold, .270 Arnold, .300 Arnold, .338 Arnold, and .458 Arnold.
Arnold Arms Co., Inc. made a wide variety of quality bolt action rifles, including the African Trophy, Grand African Rifle, Alaskan Series, Classic Hunter Series, Neutralizer Series, Varminter Series, and the Strike Viper Series. For a complete listing of older Arnold Arms models and current values, please refer to the CD-ROM version of the Blue Book of Gun Values or online (free of charge) at

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